ElectroBraid Fence
ElectroBraid™ combines resilience with barrier strength. The outer braided jacket is made from high grade polyester fiber. After stretching, this braid returns to its original length. ElectroBraid is made from the same material used in seat belts and parachute harnesses.

The standard recommended spacing for posts is 50 feet. This means fewer posts, less work, less cost and less maintenance! ElectroBraid includes a 25-year warranty against rot, weathering, or breakage in normal use.

Due to high snow fall, we at the QuarterBred Farm in New Hampshire, set our fence posts at a comfortable 33 foot spacing.

Advantages of ElectroBraid

  • Lower Cost: ElectroBraid costs less than normal board and wire fence, requiring fewer posts and labor to install and maintain.

  • Easy to Build: An ElectroBraid fence is easy to construct. Post spacing can average 50' to 100' while still providing strength and flexibility. In high snow fall area's you might want to reduce the post spacing from 50 feet to 33 feet depending on the amount of snowfall in your area.

  • Longevity: ElectroBraid is UV stable and will not degrade in sunlight. ElectroBraid includes a 25-year warranty.

  • Flexibility: Quick and effective subdivision of paddocks is extremely easy to build.

  • Range of Applications: ElectroBraid can be designed for a wide variety of domestic and wild animal applications.

  • Low Maintenance: Maintenance is considerably less than conventional fencing.

  • Safe: ElectroBraid is strong. ElectroBraid can withstand more force than any farm animal could ever apply, with no injury to the animal or damage to the fence! If your power fails, your fence won't.

  • Wild Animals: At the QuarterBred Farm, we have Moose, Black Bear, Coyote, Fox, and Fisher Cat roaming through our land. ElectroBraid fence allows our horses to feel so safe, they regularly lie down to sleep.

  • Other: We have noticed one strange phenomenon. Our horses love to poop next to our ElectroBraid fence. Is this the result of some unknown electromagnetic influence on their digestive system? Are Arthur and Colsita letting us know what they think of the fence as they are no longer able to escape? We may never know the answer to these questions.

Planning and Pricing

Below you will find two links for more information to help you plan and price your ElectroBraid fence.

Planning: Click to view the ElectroBraid Planning Guide
Pricing: Click to view the ElectroBraid U.S. Price List.

Use ElectroBraid Fence... Your horses will thank you!

Sample of ElectroBraid Fence

QuarterBred Farm - ElectroBraid Sales Partner #1446


4-Board Corner Post

Dip Post

Left Side of Corner Post at Rear Gate

Power Cut-Off Switches for bottom two strands of fence during heavy snowfall.