Colista and her Family

After searching for help in reading Colista's tattoo, I finally managed to located someone that could read her blurred registration number and locate her family history. I received this information in the mail five weeks after Colista was euthanized. I received Colista's history on Colista's birthday!

Colista's pedigree and family tree were provided to me by two professional racehorse research firms:

The family members listed on the following pages consist solely of Colista's Sire and Dam (Parents), Grand-Sires and Grand-Dams (Grandparents), and Great-Grand Sires and Great-Grand Dams (Great-Grandparents). I have not included any aunt's, uncle's, or cousins. The only exceptions were the family members in the following table who were too good to leave out.

Non-Direct Relatives Include the Following:
Close Relatives
Distant Relatives

Colista was not my horses birthname. At birth, Colista was given the truly unfortunate name of "Tanya's Tu Tu." However, some kind soul during the first half of her life graciously renamed her Colista. Please note that unless it is absolutely necessary, I will never refer to Colista by her birthname again.

Colista and her Family History
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Six Generation Interactive Table
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Nine Generation Family Tree
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The Guys and their Run-In

Colista grazing