QuarterBred Farm

The QuarterBred Farm was located in Danbury, New Hampshire. The name of my farm was taken from the breed of my two horses, Arthur & Colista. Arthur was a Quarter horse, while Colista a Thoroughbred.

I discovered my horses at the Live and Let Live Farm in Chichester, NH. The Live and Let Live Farm is an animal shelter that rescues abused and abandoned animals, mainly horses. Arthur & Colista's former owner had died, and the guys were turned over to Live and Let Live where I adopted them.


When Arthur passed away, he was between 36 and 40 years old. Arthur possessed a wonderful sense of humor. While at the Live and Let Live Farm I came to know and love Arthur and his antics. Arthur was an escape artist and would open a gate or knock down a section of fence to get out. Fortunately, after escaping from the confines of his paddock, Arthur, would not wander away, but casually stand outside the fence just to let everyone know he could get out.

After moving to the QuarterBredFarm, Arthur drove off a black bear, and we stalked coyote’s together. Thanks to ElectroBraid, Arthur no longer escaped from his pasture.

As Arthur began showing the effects of age, my friend walked into the twilight of his life.


Colista was a former racehorse and polo pony. I finally managed to get her tattoo registration run. Please see Colista's history page to learn more about Colista and her family.

My first exposure to Colista came during the winter of 2003-2004 when I was asked to lead her from her paddock to a stall every morning to eat. Colista was very, very thin and needed one-on-one care. Before I knew it, I was feeding Colista grapes, buying grooming equipment, and filling out adoption papers.

Arthur and Colista were together for more than thirteen years. They were joined by a third horse Summer, who was adopted by a loving family from the Live and Let Live Farm.


In 2004 a gentleman who deeply loved his horses was very sick through
the winter. His wife contacted Live and Let Live Farm, and as he took his last breath, Live and Let Live Farm was there to provide a home for his beloved horses.

Nancy - former Chairperson, Board of Directors at the Live and Let Live Farm in an email on the anniversary of the death of Harry, Arthur & Colista's former owner.

Arthur & Colista